What  we do

We safeguard and deliver your most important assets.


The assessment of potential risks regarding the guarded person is a primary concern of our company, as relying on this evaluation we can prepare an integrated security plan which does not disrupt in any way his daily routine even though the guarded

person is of high risk.  Door to door escort services

Seamless allocation of vehicles for different routes for employees and guiding them to a designated vehicle

Detailed log for each of the escort trips and data analysis

Rapidity in response in case of exigencies.




Brinks security Guinea has provided small and medium –sized businesses, corporations, municipalities, non-profits, government agencies, colleges and universities and organizations with a wide range of security solutions for that focus on providing highly-trained professionals, tailored to the specifics of each job.


corporate and IT companies,

Hypermarkets and Airports,

Star Hotels,

Public sector units






We facilitate the safe management and movement of people, goods, information and other resources between a specific point of origin and its final destination.


Bagged Goods,

Bulk Goods,

General Cargo,

Containerized/Liner Cargo




We are currently able to purchase gold and diamond on ground for export. We can also assist you if you have your own sellers and take care of all taxes, export paperwork, DD on the seller and verification of products using our high tech equipment

We provide secure export provide from Guinea

We provide precius metals and diamond extraction from our own mines located in Guinea

We safely deliver diamond from Guinea  to your preferent  destinagtion . We also purshase diamond  CIF



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