Why Choose Us


Brinks security Guinea has developed a reputation over ten years for being the Security and logistic company with class” We take pride in living up to that reputation. Not only are our security officers sophisticated professionals, who are articulate and caring, they are also armed and unarmed law enforcement officers trained to provide state of the art protective service to our clients


Driven by a culture of discipline, we strive to adjust and fine tune the services we offer to the point of outstanding quality we seek to exceed expectations and achieve it by emphasizing extreme attention to details and the highest professional standards


We act with effectiveness, ethics, and professionalism, while reevaluating our programs and operative services to detect weaknesses and make proper improvements


We integrate training, expertise, skills, and technologies designed to best meet our client needs, while conducting constant research in order to deliver uninterrupted solutions that guarantee security and stability


The criminal world is constantly evolving Therefore, we have a continuous commitment to study and be up to date with the latest modus operandi this allows us to anticipate future problems and implement preventive methods and solutions


The efficacy of a security plan depends on the clients cooperation, so achieving the clients comfort with any security plan is of the utmost importance OUR approach is to analyze, understand, and adapt to each of our clients unique needs with customized solutions to ensure their comfort and safety


Brinks assists airlines and airports with inspection of passengers at check in and boarding, document control and examination of baggage Brinks agents are specifically trained to spot high risk passengers through questioning and document analysis


Brinks helps secure the precious metals supply chain from mine to end user, including; preparation of the shipment, weighing according to industry standards.